Power, power management, and networking solutions to meet the stringent standards in airborne applications

Multisphere Power Solutions provides power conversion, power management and networking solutions for UAV, fixed-wing and rotary aircraft programs. Our MOTS and customized avionic solutions are designed to meet MIL-STD-704 and other relevant MIL-Standards. Leverage our vast experience designing and building light-weight power modules, PDUs Ethernet switches, routers and media converters.


Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS)

SWaP-centric solutions provide MIL-STD-810 and MIL-STD-704 compliance for networking and power within UAS applications. From fast Ethernet unmanaged to fully-managed Gigabit Ethernet, our MIL-STD and rugged ethernet switches are developed from the ground up to fit the size, weight, and power constraints of UAV applications. Additionally, highly reliable and scalable power management solutions help UAS system architects protect high value loads. Traditional point of load up/down conversion to support sensors, payloads, and mission computing applications. Similarly, a wide range of high density power conversion modules in various form factors can assist engineers integrating new open architecture capabilities, such as SOSATM – The Open Group®.

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Fixed & Rotary Wing Aircraft

Extreme shock and vibration loads, challenging electromagnetic interference (EMI) environments, and open architecture requirements are a small subset of the challenge’s engineers face when developing solutions for use in fixed and rotary wing aircraft. Our product families are the premier choice to meet the extreme environmental conditions. From qualified power management solutions and MIL-STD-704 compliant power conversion modules with integrated EMI filters, to fully-managed Gigabit ethernet switches and media converters, we can meet your power and networking requirements. All products are field-proven to support mission computing, high end processing, sensor and payload integration, electronic warfare, self-protection systems, navigation, and situational awareness.

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Airborne Payloads

Capability and technology are rapidly evolving in the airborne sensor market. Engineers are constantly tasked with integrating new capabilities to manned and unmanned airborne platforms to enhance mission effectiveness. Our ruggedized product offering supports rapid integration of new capabilities by providing mature, high density, and high reliability power and networking solutions. Advanced Ethernet switches are available in packaged and board-level solutions ready to meet any SWaP requirements. A wide range of module, VPX, and custom form factor power conversion solutions offer internal EMI filters and industry leading power density. Scalable power distribution units offer the flexibility to support rapid integration in a qualified package.

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Electronic Warfare

Electronic warfare (EW) is a paramount defensive capability in today’s peer-to-peer conflict, ensuring superior situational awareness on the battlefield. We provide solutions for all aspects of electronic warfare, including all four core EW capabilities: Electronic Support (ES), Electronic Protection (EP), Electronic Attack (EA), and Mission Support, with military-grade power and networking solutions in a wide range of form factors. From OpenVPX to custom designs that address the most demanding EW applications, our power inputs range from standard 28VDC to 270VDC MIL-STD-704 compliant solutions in various DC power attributes, as well as single and three phase AC solutions. Integrated or standalone power management protects the sensitive and high value loads in the EW subsystem. Our compact Ethernet switches are used to connect sensors, data recorders, and computing devises for flawless operation and sharing situational information.

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