Power, power management, and networking solutions for fixed and mobile ground capabilities


Multisphere Power Solutions products are designed from the ground up to meet, or exceed, the standards defined in MIL-STD-1275 and related MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810, to ensure consistent performance in dusty, humid or sandy conditions. With over 40 years of experience, our design engineers have the expertise to deliver light-weight power modules, PDUs, Ethernet switches, routers and media converters that pass qualifications the first time. More importantly, our products consistently provide mission ready performance.


Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

Unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) are making their way to the battlefield—from lightweight tracked robots to soldier-assist vehicles to autonomous tanks and bulldozers. To operate in an unmanned state, these platforms must have a sophisticated network of sensors, cameras, day/night infrared (IR), thermal imaging, weapons management, and various other command and control devices and sensors. With the environmental shock, vibration, power and corrosive effects facing unmanned systems, our power and networking solutions are designed to hold up to these harsh environments with tested reliability meeting MIL-STD 810 standard in reliability. Innovative power distribution technology enables remote monitoring and control of power circuits from a manned control platform, offering the reliability and maintainability valued by our warfighters.

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Armored and Tactical Vehicle Platforms

Engineers face several challenges in designing power and networking systems for armored vehicles. Dust, humidity, sand, shock loads, and “dirty power” that can causes reverse polarity, brown-outs, and even power spikes-cause several design challenges–not to mention space constraints to address human factors engineering. Our power conversion, power management and networking products are designed from the ground up to meet or exceed the standards defined in MIL-STD-1275 & MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810 to ensure consistent performance in in these rugged environments. We have decades of experience in active protection systems (APS), distributed power management, high voltage architectures and vehicle electrification, and VICTORY system networking on military ground vehicles to support the most innovative solutions.

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Air and Missile Defense

Air and missile defense is a complex system of anti-aircraft, counter-UAV, sensor & detection, fire control, and battle management systems that vary from short-to-long range platforms for applications such as immediate-response tactics and strategic intervention. Within these systems, there are a host of communication platforms that must send and receive strategic information and mission data. Many of these systems are currently undergoing upgrades to take advantage of new power and communications technologies. For 40 years, hawse have supplied unique and innovative solutions to aid in these missile and air defense systems, while maintaining strict security, standardized networking, and form factors that are field deployable. From the Patriot SAM system, LTAMDS sensor upgrade, AN/TPQ-53 radar system, to complex command and control and communications platforms supporting the Advanced Battle Management System (ABMS), our company has enabled our customers to detect, classify, track, and defeat airborne threats.

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Radio and communications systems, command and control systems, communication systems, display systems, electronics, headsets, navigation/mapping, radar, and RF devices. Under the doctrine of C4ISR, all these elements demand power and must work together to create the command-and-control capability necessary on today’s multi-domain battlefield. Our complete line of ethernet switches and routers are at the heart of networking these devices together for the necessary sharing of data. Our vast offering of off-the-shelf and custom power conversion solutions meet the requirements to support connecting sensors in airborne pods and payloads, to ground stations for UAS platforms, to soldier-carry personal area networks (PANs). We have the right solution to fit the specific requirements of each platform for power and networking.

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