In challenging and demanding environments, the need for rugged, military-grade devices is paramount. These devices are specifically designed and tested to withstand extreme conditions, ensuring reliability and durability in the field. 

The MILTECH 470, is a game-changer in military connectivity. This rugged, military-grade USB and Ethernet smart hub provides seamless connectivity between multiple USB devices over Ethernet, making it easier to share data and access network resources. It stands as the industry's first and only network device supporting mesh Ethernet connectivity with five USB ports, making it ideal for Nett Warrior EUD, tactical communication systems, and rugged tablets.

The MILTECH 470 offers exceptional versatility. With Power Delivery 3.0 DRP protocol, it can charge up to 5 EUDs while maintaining full data connectivity over USB-C interfaces. Its wide input range of 12-48VDC, fully compliant with MIL-STD-704 and 1275, ensures fast charging for Android tablets across all ports. Moreover, its ruggedized design, built to meet MIL-STD-810H standards, withstands extreme temperatures, shocks, and vibrations.

This military-grade solution goes beyond durability. The MILTECH 470 supports MIL-STD-461G for superior EMI and RFI performance, ensuring uninterrupted and secure communication. Its built-in self-test (PBIT/CBIT/IBIT) feature enhances reliability, while the ability to enable/ disable charging and data per port adds flexibility to its usage.

Equipped with D38999 connectors for all power and data interfaces, the MILTECH 470 is sealed against water and dust ingress. Its passive cooling system eliminates moving parts, further enhancing its robustness and longevity.

MILTECH 470 key features:
• 5 X USB to Ethernet connectivity and 2 ports of 1GB Ethernet allows users to connect USB-enabled devices over the Ethernet network, making it easier to share data and access network resources
• Ruggedized design: The MILTECH 470 is built to withstand harsh environments and conditions, including extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration
• Power Delivery 3.0 DRP protocol up to 5 EUDs while providing them full data connectivity over USB-C interfaces along with 3A per port charging
• Full power protection per MILSTD-704A and 1275 via internal military-grade power supply with a wide input range of 12-48VDC
• Built-In Self Test (PBIT/CBIT/IBIT)
• Ability to enable/disable charging and/or data per port D38999 connectors for all power and data interfaces

In summary, the MILTECH 470 is a game-changing smart hub that empowers military personnel with reliable, adaptable, and secure connectivity in challenging environments. Trust in its rugged design, cutting-edge features, and compliance with stringent military standards to elevate your military operations. Learn more about the MILTECH 470 and explore the possibilities it offers for enhanced military connectivity.

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