Customization. That word triggers fear in the hearts of design engineers, with thoughts of schedule slips and delays, increased technical risk, and the oh-so-frightening ka-ching of increased costs. But in reality, collaborating with a power supply manufacturer who can work with you to tailor key features can actually reduce cost and schedule risk for the most complex power supply requirement. Technical risk is mitigated even further when designing from a field-proven, existing product or circuit topology. Starting from the 60% or 80% solution, a power supply manufacturer's engineering team can collaborate with you to tailor to your specific and unique design needs and make it unequivocally right; the 100% solution!

Still wary? Let's explore a real-world example. One of our customers wanted to use one of our off-the-shelf power conversion products, leveraging its baseline capabilities converting 28VDC power into three channels of stepped down DC voltage and current. The design requirements for their single board computer (SBC)and processor cards within the VPX enclosure, however, needed to address numerous output voltage and current levels that the baseline product was not configured to meet. We started with the Milpower Source M4054 VPX power supply as a baseline. This 3U VPX SOSA-aligned, six output 800W DC/DC converter with embedded EMI filter is field tested and complies with all the VITA and military standards to be implemented in airborne defense applications. Our engineering team was able to quickly implement the customer-unique voltage and current requirements, adjusting the PO1, PO3, and 3.3V AUX outputs while retaining the key compliance factors.

The result? A low-risk, low-cost, and rapid solution that allowed the customer to achieve qualification of the system on the very first attempt.

And there were even more benefits for our customer. By taking advantage of the M4054's output voltage and current capability to these three outputs, it was determined that a second power supply wasn't required – saving an open card slot for the warfighter's future product enhancements. This was a win-win for both technical and schedule risk for our customer, all in a customized solution!

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