MILTECH 9012C Compact Military-Grade Managed 12-Port Gigabit Ethernet Router/Switch with Cisco® IOS® External Connectivity

Key Features
Product Type:Router
12 x 10/100/1000M Copper
Power: SCE2
Designed to Meet:MIL-STD-1275 | MIL-STD-704 | MIL-STD-810 | MIL-STD-461 | IP67
Dimensions:6.54" X 5.67" X 2.68"166mm X 144mm X 68mm
Operating Temp.:-45°C to 85°C
Power input:24VDC (18 - 72VDC), 25W

The MILTECH 9012C is a MIL-STD, fully- managed Layer 2 Ethernet switch and a Layer 3 Ethernet router with 12 triple-speed (10/100/1000Mbps) ports + SBC with optional Cisco ESR.

Custom Designed Solutions

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Standard Configurations
Model Description
1-9012C-010 Military Grade Cisco Router with 12 x 10/100/1000TX ports, RHEL
1-9012C-011 12 Port Internet Switch + 25Mbps Cisco Router License, RHEL
1-9012C-012 12 Port Internet Switch + 200Mbps Cisco Router License, RHEL
1-9012C-013 12 Port Internet Switch + 1Gbps Cisco Router License, RHEL
1-9012CG-010 Military Grade Cisco Router with 12 x 10/100/1000TX ports+ GPS , RHEL
1-9012CG-011 12 Port Internet Switch + 25Mbps Cisco Router License+ GPS, RHEL
1-9012CG-012 12 Port Internet Switch + 200Mbps Cisco Router License+ GPS, RHEL
1-9012CG-013 12 Port Internet Switch + 1Gbps Cisco Router License+ GPS, RHEL
MILTECH 9012C Additional configurations available
  • 2-CBL9012CLAN 2-CBL9012CLAN 3M lan harness
  • 2-CBL9012CPWR 2-CBL9012CPWR 3M power harness
  • 2-CBL9012CLN+ 2-CBL9012CLN+ 3M lan and console harness, SCE2 to RJ45 + DB9
  • 2-CBL9012CP12 2-CBL9012CP12 MILTECH9012c-mgmt cable
TThe MILTECH 9012C is a member of the MILTECH 9012 rugged switch/routerfamily that offers flexible alternatives for LAN, LAN/WAN, and customizable networking.The MILTECH 9012C provides the best of both worlds in a single package – with our proven line-rate Layer 3 internal routing/switching and a COM Express computing platform that is designed to host a wide range of single-board computers (SBCs). You can host specialized functions such as:

-An integrated Cisco-IOS industry-standard router with security and mobility protocols
-Specialized networking software based on Linux (ie: iptables firewall)
-Unique encryption and security measures
-Robotic limb control using JAUS
-Vehicle management

It provides USB, RS-232, 4 x Open GND Input/output (discrete signals) and a GPS, all directly connected and controlled by the SBC. The SBC's can run any LINUX and Windows operating system and are equipped with two additional mini SATA cards to enable extended storage capacity for tactical use.

It features both L2/L3 network switching and routing capabilities, including virtual LANS (VLANS), traffic prioritization/QoS, IPv4/IPv6 support, and bandwidth aggregation. The integrated Cisco ESR router connects to external wired and wireless networks using IPv4/IPv6 routing and multicast protocols that include BGP, OSPF, GRE, EIGRP, CDP, IGMP and MLD. Advanced QoS helps maintain adequate connection speeds for voice and video traffic and external communications is secured with the latest encryption algorithms and integrated threat management.

The MILTECH 9012C uses industry-standard 24VDC power and is designed for MIL-STD-810F, MIL-STD-461E, MIL-STD-1275B & MIL-STD-704A airborne, ground mobile environmental, EMI/RFI compliance with high reliability. The MILTECH 9012C is VICTORY standard certified by U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC) Ground Vehicle Systems Center.
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