Sensors have become ubiquitous on the battlefield to detect and track everything from aircraft to dismounted soldiers, and from enemy radar systems to covert communications. Electronic Warfare (EW) represents the ability to either disrupt or use electronic signals attacks. Aircraft and unmanned systems perform reconnaissance missions and pass data back to field-deployed personnel and naval platforms being protected just outside contested environments. Mapping and surveillance aircraft share data back to centralized command posts around the globe for intelligence on enemy stockpiles, troop movements and missile defense systems that share target data with central command and anti-aircraft systems to help lock down the exact location of any missile fired for acts of aggression.
This collective battlefield picture and information sharing, along with accurate and real-time location mapping starts with sensors.

The number of sensors is growing exponentially along with the systems that support the sensors and their associated data. To make sense of all this sensor data—to know what is and isn’t there to give armed forces the valuable insight they need - the military is turning to sensor-fusion to enable all of these individual sensors to work together to pool their information.
Multisphere has been supporting our customers with sensor fusion before it was even a buzzword. Our MIL-STD Ethernet switches such as the MILTECH 308 and MILTECH 918 have long been deployed in surveillance pods attached to manned and unmanned aircraft, unmanned underwater vehicles and other platforms-all using our 1 gigabit transmission speeds to manage and deliver data back to centralized applications. Our MILTECH 9022 and MILTECH 9028 are excellent examples of shipboard systems that can process all of that data from multiple sensors at 10 gigabits and inject it into other applications. Highly reliable power conversion solutions, such as our single output M7019 DC/DC converter module bring increased levels of EMI protection in a highly dense and configurable package. We’ve tailored our industry leading VPX power conversion solutions to meet sensor fusion applications for air, ground, and naval applications. As an example, our M4094 series 3U 270VDC VPX solution is SOSA-aligned to enable our customers to quickly integrate and upgrade sensor technology to keep pace with our adversary’s technology. Open architecture has become a critical tool to meet the evolving nature of sensor fusion on the battlefield. Our M9538 8 channel power management product was recently modified to meet the unique needs of an airborne platform seeking rapid upgrade to protect its sensor package. Multiple Current limited 100A outputs tailored by the integrator ensured they met an aggressive schedule to achieve their sensor fusion program.
Multisphere offers a wide range of solutions to fit every speed, size and environmental requirement to meet your sensor fusion application. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help provide a tailored or custom power or networking solution to meet your sensor fusion application, air, ground, soldier, or sea.

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